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 Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association Bylaws

Article I Name and Location

The name of the organization shall be the Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association herein referred to as the Association. The mailing address is PO Box 16201, Two Rivers, Alaska 99716.


Article II Purpose

The purpose of the Association shall be as follows:

         To promote the sport of dog mushing, and to organize races, social events, fund raising events, etc. in the Two Rivers area.

         To address trail efforts on the main winter trail system along Chena Hot Springs Road.

         To address trail issues relating to the interests of the dog mushers in the Two Rivers area to include zoning, trail rights of way, road crossings, government regulations, etc.

         To promote and uphold the TRDMA Code of Ethics.


Article III Membership

Association membership is open to anyone interested in dog mushing. Membership categories include:

         Individual; holds one vote.

         Family; holds two votes.

         Kennel; one vote for kennel owner or representative as designated by kennel owner. Kennel owner may enter any number of teams into a race.

         Business/Sponsor; holds one vote. Owner may designate a representative for the vote.

         Race; no vote.

         Youth; no vote, Valley Funale event only.


The member or designated representative must be present for the vote to count. In order to participate in any club event you or your family must be a member. Information on each type of membership is found in Article VIII Membership dues.


Article IV Association's Officers

The officers of the Association shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The officers shall be elected by the membership to serve a one-year term. The term shall be from April to April. Elections shall be held each April at the regular meeting, and the officers for the following year shall be elected by majority vote of members present.


Any officer of the Association may call a scheduled meeting to order and act as chairperson of such meeting, precedence being the President, the Vice-President, Secretary, and then the Treasurer. In absence of all such officers the members may elect a chairperson.

The Secretary of the Association shall act as secretary at all meetings of the members, but in his/her absence, the presiding officer may appoint any person to act as the secretary at the meeting. The treasurer shall give a financial report at each meeting. In his/her absence, the President shall obtain the information from the treasurer to be given at the meeting.


Article V Standing Committees

The standing committees of the Association shall be, but are not limited to the following:

         Race/Rules Committee

         Trail Committee

         Public Relations Committee

         Sponsorship Committee

         New Member/New Musher Committee

         Ethics Committee


A chairperson for each committee will be elected by the members at large. Each committee shall be formed at the discretion of the membership by vote at a general meeting. Specific duties for each of the named committees are put forth in Appendix II. All committee chairpersons shall be responsible to the general membership and shall report to the membership at monthly meetings. The President may be on a committee, but may not be a committee chairperson.


Article VI Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Association shall consist of


         Vice President



         One member at large; this position is appointed by the board for a period of one year.


Meetings shall be held prior to the general membership meeting. The time and place shall be at the discretion of the President.


A quorum shall consist of three (3) members of the board of directors. All monies spent shall first be approved by a quorum of Board Members, except as stated in Appendix I. Additional meetings may be called if immediate action is needed by the Association on a given issue.


The board of Directors shall be responsible to the general membership and shall report any actions to the general membership at the next regular meeting.


If a Board Member misses three (3) consecutive meetings the general membership may vote to replace the board seat with another candidate.


Article VII Regular Meetings

General Membership meetings are open to all members and guests. They shall be held in the Two Rivers area once a month on the first Tuesday of the month unless otherwise noted. Meeting notices shall be posted at Soapy Suds, Pleasant Valley Store, and Wagons North Trading Post.

Special meetings shall be called when felt necessary by a majority of the Board of Directors. The meetings shall be run by an officer.


Article VIII Membership Dues

The dues for a period of one year (September through September) are as follows:

         Youth: $5 (12-and Under, Valley Funale)

         Race: $10

         Individual: $20

         Family: $30

         Kennel: $40

         Business/Sponsor: $100


Business/Sponsor member dues are a non-profit donation and the member will be listed as a sponsor at all events.

Any business donating $100 in cash or equivalent in prizes or merchandise will become a member as a Business/Sponsor.

The dues shall become part of the Association's general operating fund. This fund shall be used to maintain the Associationís equipment, purchase additional equipment approved by the membership, administrative costs (e.g. mailings, etc.) and supplement race organization and other social events.


Article IX Amendment of Bylaws

The bylaws shall be reviewed annually in June.

Changes to the bylaws shall be made following the approval of the changes by the membership by majority vote at two consecutive meetings.



Appendix I

Trail Maintenance and Borough Trail Equipment

The Fairbanks North Star Borough has provided a snow machine to be used for maintaining winter trails in the Two Rivers area. It is the Associationís responsibility that Association owned or operated equipment is used in a prudent manner. The Association is to maintain the equipment and pay for fuel used from the operating fund of the Association. A budget for maintenance and gas costs shall be determined at the beginning of the season, and approved by the general membership.

Receipts shall be kept on all gas and EMERGENCY repairs and presented to the Treasurer for approval at a general membership meeting for reimbursement.

Major repairs to equipment shall be approved by a quorum of the Board of Directors before work is done.

Equipment shall be housed at a location chosen by the Board of Directors. Drivers will be chosen by the Board of Directors from a list of volunteers.

Club equipment shall not be loaned out to non-members or used for non-club events. Any member needing a section of approved trail worked on shall contact the trail committee chairperson or an officer.

Trail Work Priority

         Main winter trail (Chena Sled Trail) from Nordale Road to Angel Creek.

         Race trails.

         Other trails as specified by the trail committee.


Note - Private access trails connecting to the main trail will not be maintained.


Appendix II

Committee Responsibilities

These are guidelines for the various committees to ensure a coordinated effort.

Additional duties may be added as the need arises.

Race Committee

It is the responsibility of the Race Committee Chairperson to set the race schedule for each season and present the proposed dates and particulars to the general membership for approval.

This includes setting the following details for the race:

         Race Manager

         Trail distances, route, start/finish lines in coordination with the Trails Committee

         Team Size

         Maximum Number of Entrants

         Entry Fees

         Race Rules to be Used

         Purse Distribution

The Race Manager will be governed by the Race Committee. The Race Managerís responsibilities are as follows:

         Select a Race Marshall, who must be approved by the general membership.

         Obtain required permits for the race.

         Obtain clearances for parking areas, assign spectator and competing musher areas.

         Enlist volunteers for positions needed; this is to include Vets as necessary.

         Coordinate with Public Relations Committee on race publications/advertisements.

         Work with secretary, whose duties are to collect the appropriate entry fees, distribute/collect bibs and other official patches, and make available to the Public Relations Committee a list of the entrants and their finishing positions.

         Coordinate with Trails Committee on trail conditions.

         Explain the trail at the driversí meeting.

         Submit a financial report of the race to the general membership at the next meeting following the race.


Trail Committee

It is the responsibility of the Trail Committee to design and plan trails for races and training.

The Trail Committee shall:

         Groom and mark the trail chosen in coordination with the Race Committee.

         Make a map of the race trail.

         Submit a list of special needs (e.g. signage or road guards) for road crossings and difficult areas of the trail 30 days before the race To Race Managers

         Sweep the race trail after the race to remove trail markers and any obstructions placed along the trail to guide the mushers during the race, and be of assistance, at the discretion of the musher, to a musher who has lost his/her team or become incapacitated.

         Submit a financial report to the general membership at the end of the year in April.

         Submit an annual proposed budget for the yearís maintenance and gas expenditures for the equipment.

         Be responsible for a log to be kept on the use and maintenance of the clubís equipment.

The Trail Committee Chairperson and Vice-President will be responsible for maintaining a list of equipment belonging to the club and will present an inventory to the Board of Directors and members at the April and September meetings.

New Member/ New Musher Committee

The New Member/New Musher committee will familiarize new Association members with the Two Rivers trail system, Association functions and races, other members, and any other aspects of dog mushing in the area which are appropriate.

It will also facilitate mentoring for members who are new or have with limited experience with mushing. The goal is to produce mushers who are:

∑           Competent to travel or race safely .

∑          Well grounded in canine physiology, psychology, training methods and theories.

∑           A credit to the Association and dog mushing as a whole.


Public Relations Committee

It is the responsibility of the Public Relations Committee to promote the Association through the various media available.

The Public Relations Committee shall:

         Advertise the races.

         Report the results of the race to the news media.

         Promote the Association to the public.  

         Be responsible for regulating any concession stands at any function.

         Submit a financial report to the general membership regarding any expenses incurred in performing their duties (i.e. supplies, ads, etc.)


Sponsorship Committee

It is the responsibility of the Sponsorship Committee to develop and maintain relationships between the sponsors and the Association.

         Obtain sponsorships and prizes for the Association.

         Assemble sponsor information packages.

         Ensure sponsors receive recognition at all events and all Association publications.

         Provide list of sponsors to Public Relations Committee.

         Ensure sponsor receives letter of acknowledgement upon receipt of donations.

         Report on status of sponsorships to general membership meeting each month.


Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is responsible for overseeing and enforcing the Code of Ethics. It will hold hearings as needed in the event of ethics violations by Association members who have chosen to abide by the Code. It will also review and revise the Code on an annual basis.



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