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Two Rivers Dog Musher's Association Code of Ethics


The club’s purpose is to promote the sport of dog mushing and celebrate the historical bond between humans and dogs. We must strive to be seen as people deserving to be emulated in caring for our dogs, our community, and our sport. In order to accomplish these goals we set forth this code of ethics. All members and volunteers are expected to adhere to them.

Guiding Principles

Dog Care
Members will be expected to:
• Practice the best current standards of kennel management, which include:
    o providing adequate food and water daily
    o adequate shelter
    o safe confinement, i.e. fenced yards for females in heat and/or where small children have access to the dogyard
    o exercise
    o daily scooping
    o competent veterinary care
    o maintaining current rabies shots and other vaccinations
    o parasite management
    o responsible breeding or sterilization
    o appropriate socialization
    o strong consideration of quality of life issues
    o having a back up plan for emergency absence

• Follow instructions and take the advice of veterinarians and/or more experienced mushers with regard dog care and training issues.

Members will be expected to act:
• Honorably – with integrity and in the best interest of their dogs, the community, and the sport.

• Honestly – with trustworthiness in all aspects of the sport.

• Compassionately - with empathy and consideration for their team, fellow competitors, and all others involved in the race, including     volunteers..

• Responsibly –fulfilling the obligations committed to, and adhering to this code of ethics and race rules of the TRDMA with a positive   attitude.

• Legally – within the letter and spirit of the law.

• As a good steward – with the preservation of the land and trails in mind as well as community relations and perceptions.

• In a sportsmanlike manner with good humor, good manners and an attitude that reflects on the club and sport in the best possible light.
• Respectfully of the decisions made by the board and race officials.

Members will be expected to:
• Act in a way that helps to develop and maintain a good public image of mushers, the Association, and the sport within the community; including having patience with media, spectators, handlers, and volunteers.
• Respect volunteers, sponsors, public, and private property.
• Be willing to volunteer expertise and time to the betterment of the community.
• Support the new member/new musher mentoring program.

A member of the Association found in violation of this code will be sanctioned appropriately, considering the infraction, its effect on a member’s dogs, the sport, the Association, and the community. Determination will be made at a hearing of the Ethics committee.

Review and Revision
This ethics code will be reviewed and revised on an annual basis by the ethics committee




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