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Two Rivers Tune-Up Sled Dog Race

November 24, 2012

Canceled for insufficient snow


Traditionally the first race of the TRDMA Season, this event is a membership drive for the club and a fun run for all.

2012 Race Rules


Qualifications: All drivers must be members in good standing with the TRDMA. Drivers must be at least 18 years of age by the start of the race. No one convicted of animal abuse or neglect will be eligible to enter the race. TRDMA may honor censure by any other sled dog racing organization.

The adult classes and distances are: 6 dog, 10 miles; 10 dog, 20 miles; skijoring, 10 miles.

Fees: There will be no entry fee other than yearly dues to be paid at sign up.  Membership runs Sept-Aug.


Registration: Registration will start at 9:00 A.M on November 24, 2012 @ Pleasant Valley Store.


Draw for start position: Start position will be in the order in which drivers are parked. Drivers may exchange start positions within a class with the Race Marshallís permission.  Bibs will be handed out at your truck parking space after the driver's meeting.

Mandatory Driver's meeting: Attendance at the drivers' meeting at 10:00 A.M. is mandatory. Any driver not in attendance is subject to penalty or disqualification.

Race cancellation: If the temperature at Pleasant Valley Store is colder than -39 degrees Fahrenheit at 10:00 A.M, the race start may be postponed or the race cancelled. The Race Marshall will poll the participants to obtain a consensus. After the race is started, it will continue regardless of temperature.

If no/low snow conditions persist the race will be canceled.  Notice of race cancellation will be posted on the TRDMA website ( 

Proof of vaccinations required: All dogs must have current rabies, distemper and parvo vaccinations with proof to be presented if requested.  Copies of rabies certificates and purchase receipts for distemper/parvo vaccines are acceptable as proof. 


Mandatory gear:

  • Snow hook

  • Braking device

  • Sled or dog bag

  • Assigned starting bib which, must be visible at all times

  • Headlamp


Teams must have all mandatory gear to start the race and will be checked.


Keep the trail clear: Drivers resting their team must keep the trail clear of their dogs, food and gear at all times, i.e. you must not interfere or obstruct the passage of other teams.

One driver per team: Only one driver per team.


Following the trail: All teams must follow the trail as marked. Deviations/shorter routes will be assessed a time penalty.  Every effort will be made to keep trail markers in place, but TRDMA cannot be responsible for acts of nature or malicious acts. Two stakes on the side of the trail the turn is on will mark turns: ex. a left turn will have two markers side-by-side on the left hand side of the trail; a right hand turn will have markers on the right. Intersections that are to be traveled straight through will have a single marker on the right and left side of the trail.


Trail right-of-way: When one team approaches to within 50 feet of another team, the team behind shall have the immediate right-of-way upon demand, except within one mile of the finish line. The driver ahead must stop his or her dogs and hold them to the best of his or her ability for a maximum of one minute or until the other team has passed, whichever occurs first. The passed team must remain behind at least five minutes before demanding trail right-of-way.

Littering prohibited: A minimum thirty minute time penalty will be assessed for littering on the trail. Booties are considered litter. Drivers are ultimately responsible for cleaning up their staging area.

Number of dogs: The maximum number of dogs in a team in each class is as follows: six dog class, six dogs; 10 dog class, 10 dogs. Drivers may start the race with fewer dogs than the maximum in a class. No dogs may be added to a team after the start.


Dog marking: The Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association may mark all dogs leaving the starting line.

No loose leaders:
Loose leaders are not allowed. A driver must make every effort to secure a dog that becomes loose.


Race start: Race will start at 11:00 A.M. on Saturday, November 24, 2012

Starting interval: Teams will leave the starting line at two-minute intervals. Any team that cannot leave the starting line within one minute of its designated time will be required to start two minutes after the scheduled departure of the final team in its class.
The teamís time clock will begin at the originally scheduled departure time. Any team that cannot leave the starting line before the start of the next class, or within 30 minutes of the last teamís scheduled departure will be disqualified.


Time penalties: All time penalties accrued will be applied at the finish.

Protests: A driver may protest any action of a competitor that he/she feels is contrary to the intent of these rules. To be recognized as a legitimate protest, the infraction(s) observed by a musher must be presented to a race official in writing as soon as is practicable after finishing, and in no case more than twenty-four (24) hours after a musher finishes the race. The Race Marshallís decision shall be final.



Mistreatment prohibited: Mistreatment of dogs will cause immediate disqualification. Such an action may also be reported to all major race organizations.

Signal whips: Signal whips will not be permitted.

Dog drops: Injured, sick or fatigued dogs must be carried in the sled or dog bag. Dogs cannot be led behind a sled.


Drugs and drug testing: No injectable drugs may be used unless administered by the race veterinarian. Oral or topical drugs that may suppress the signs of illness or injury may not be carried or used. No drugs or artificial means may be used to drive the dogs beyond their natural ability. Race officials may require urine or blood samples for random drug testing. Drivers will be required to cooperate with race officials to accomplish the gathering of samples.


Expired dogs: Any dog that expires during the race for any reason must be taken to the start/finish line and submitted to the race marshal, a judge, or a race veterinarian. A licensed veterinary pathologist or veterinarian will perform a necropsy on all expired dogs. The driver will be responsible for necropsy expenses. The death of any dog may result in the disqualification of the driver, and/or prohibition from entering future races.

Tampering: No driver may tamper with another driver's dogs, food, or gear.

Sleds: Only one sled may be used during the race. Sled must have brush bow, braking device, and sled bag. Any repairs must be done exclusively by the driver. No significant alterations as to weight or size will be allowed. Sled and equipment must be in good repair. Equipment will be inspected before the musher will be permitted to start the race.

Race assistance: No planned help is allowed during the race. No driver may receive outside assistance except for starting and finishing the race, if a team is unmanageable, or if an emergency exists. No driver will accept any assistance from a motorized vehicle, including pacing. A lost team will not be disqualified if the driver regains control of it, provided the team and driver complete the course and comply with rules. A driver may receive assistance from another driver in recovering a lost team.


Courteous behavior: All drivers shall conduct themselves in a courteous and honorable manner at all times. Officials, media, volunteers and fans are all equal participants in the race and it is the driver's responsibility to maintain a courteous rapport with them at all times.

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