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Two Rivers 100/200  Sled Dog Race

!! March 16-18, 2011 !!

Last update: March 16, 2012 — a week late because of snow fall, but the race is on!

TRDMA's main event of the season, the Two Rivers 200 is a qualifier for many major long distance races, including the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race and the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race. 

In 2012, there will be a 100 mile and a 200 mile race. Both will start as usual at Chatanika lodge, and the Two Rivers 200 will end at the Pleasant Valley Store via Angel Creek Lodge. Unlike previous years, however, there will be a new checkpoint at Two Rivers Lodge, with some changes to the trail in in the middle section of the first half of the race.

The Two Rivers 100/200 Race Rules 2012 and the Race Application are available for for download.

The race start will be Friday, March 9 16, 2012, with a mandatory mushers' meeting on Thursday, March 8 15.

Please mail applications to the address indicated on the application form (Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association, PO Box 16201, Two Rivers, Alaska 99716) by March 1, 2012. Please note that participants need to be members in good standing. If you haven't joined yet, please also include a Membership Form and the applicable fee for the membership type of your choice.

For any questions, you can find us at our Facebook page, the TRDMA mailing list, or by email to

NEW! Final update after the volunteer meetings on Feb 24, 2012 and Feb 28 at the Two Rivers Lodge and on March 6 at Two Rivers School. Attending: Mike Green, Jason Weitzel, Mike Ellis, Eric Cosmutto, Sandy McKee, Bill McKee, Scott Chesney.

Event schedule:

  • Thursday, March 8 15, Two Rivers Lodge: 6 pm AKST - registration and spaghetti feed ($10). 7pm AKST - start of bib draw.
  • Friday, March 9 16, Chatanika Lodge: 9 am AKST breakfast buffet, including coffee or tea ($12 adults, $8 children 10 years and under) and start of pre-race vet checks. 10 am AKST (or as announced): mushers' meeting. noon: race starts.
  • Sunday, March 11 18, Two Rivers Lodge: 6 pm AKST (7 pm AKDT) - Awards Banquet. Tickets ($25) can be bought at the bib draw and at the start. Participants receive a free ticket.

Trail and checkpoint notes:

  • Chatanika Lodge to Two Rivers Lodge: 47 miles
  • At Two Rivers Lodge, there will be a 1 hour mandatory rest for 200 mile mushers and a 4 hour mandatory rest for the 100 mile mushers. The start times will be adjusted here.
  • After leaving Two Rivers Lodge, the trail will wind through the Taurus Hills area before entering the Jenny M drainage. The trail will cross under Jenny M bridge, then turn right and do a large loop before getting to Pleasant Valley Store: 50 miles
  • At Pleasant Valley Store, the 100 mile race will finish. The 200 mile mushers will have punch cards for the rest of the 10 hour layover.
  • After Pleasant Valley Store, mushers will follow trail under Jenny M bridge again and follow the Flat Top Mountain trail to the Chena Hot Springs Trail. Will then continue to Angel Creek Lodge: 52 miles
  • Return on same trail from Angel Creek Lodge to Pleasant Valley Store finish: 52 miles

Notes on rules and procedures:

  • Straw and drop bags: The race will provide 1 (one) bale of straw for each 200 mile musher at the Pleasant Valley Store checkpoint. Transport of any extra straw as well as drop bags is the responsibility of the handlers. Straw and drop bags must be transported to and left at the designated areas at every checkpoint. Please notify the checkpoint personnel when you arrive with your drop bag(s) and/or straw. Should a musher wish to leave straw and/or a drop bag at the Two Rivers Lodge checkpoint, we recommend to bring it to the bib draw event on Thursday evening. There will be an area protected by a tarp to leave straw or drop bags overnight.
  • Mandatory rest: The total mandatory rest for the 200 mile race is 10 h in 1/2h increments. Mushers will be provided a punch card, which will be validated by the checker at each checkpoint. It is the musher's responsibility to check out and make sure the card is punched.
  • Sleeping areas: The Pleasant Valley Post Office will be used as a musher sleeping area overnight. At Angel Creek Lodge, a cabin will be available as a sleeping area.
  • Two Rivers Lodge:
  • Coffee and water will be provided outside, and mushers will receive a meal ticket for soup and hot bread. There will be hot water for the dogs, but it will be well water with iron in it - mushers can use snow as an alternative. Dog truck parking will be well away from the Lodge, where parking space is limited. Volunteers will be at hand to shuttle handlers back and forth.
  • Pleasant Valley Store: One bale of straw per 200-mile participant is provided here. The Pleasant Valley Store offers fuel and groceries for sale.
  • Angel Creek Lodge: All mushers must have left the Angel Creek checkpoint by 10 am on Sunday morning at the latest. Angel Creek Lodge offers food (such as hamburgers) for sale and a free snack for mushers.
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