European Roulette Championship

    ECR 2021 – basic roulette terms

    The European Roulette Championship (ECR) usually takes place every year at the luxurious Portomaso Casino in Malta and promises to be even bigger than the year before. And that’s no easy task, considering last year’s prize pool was an impressive €200,000!


    The main feature of American Roulette is 38 cells, versus 37 in its European version. The cells are numbered from 1 to 36, as well as zero (0) and double zero (00) on the wheel. One extra cell slightly increases the casino’s advantage over the player.


    Placed on the special fields at the edges of the playing field. Unlike internal bets, they make groups of a large number of numbers (as well as red/black and even/odd), which have a good chance of winning, but are not paid very high.


    Bets placed within a specific area on the game board, which consists solely of numbers. You can bet on one number, or on several (up to six). These bets are the most profitable, but have a small probability of success.


    The advantage of the casino, which is usually expressed as a percentage. This differs depending on the game.


    An outside bet on 12 numbers (Dozen or Douzaine in French Roulette). Dozens consist of the following numbers: 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36. The chance of winning such a bet is 2 to 1.


    A traditional game, which is mainly played in Europe and Asia. It differs from the American version by having only one zero on the wheel (thus, there is one less cell: 37 versus 38).


    A roulette strategy in which a player doubles his/her bets after each win, until he/she reaches the desired amount.


    Split is a bet on two numbers. In this case the chips are placed on the line separating any two numbers. The odds of winning are 17 to 1. This is commonly known as Cheval in French Roulette.


    You can bet your chips either on a specific number or on a group of numbers. The playing area is divided into different zones, among which we can distinguish inside bets and outside bets. Also at many tables you can make oral bets (racetrack bets).

    As you sit down at the table it’s important to remember the most common betting strategies, of which there are just three. The most popular, especially among newbies, is the martingale system. Its essence is to bet on equal odds (1 to 1): red/black, even/odd, or on a group of numbers 1-18 and 19-36. It is necessary to determine the size of the minimum bet and then double it in case of loss. For example, the minimum bet is equal to 1. In that case, if you lose, your strategy would look as follows: 1-2-4-8-18 and so on. When you win, go back to the original bet. D’Alamber’s system is also based on 50/50 bets, but differs in the progression of bets: after each loss you increase it by one conventional unit, and after you win you decrease it by one conventional unit. Finally, the Fibonacci system, based on the mathematical sequence of the famous Italian scientist: 0, 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 and so on. Here, each subsequent number is equal to the sum of the previous two numbers. Thus, if you lose – you need to increase your bet by the next number in the Fibonacci Row. If you win, cross out the last two numbers in the row to the right.


    All the numbers on the playing field is divided into three rows of twelve numbers each, which are called columns (Column or Colonne in French roulette). The odds of winning such a bet, as well as betting on a dozen, is 2 to 1.


    This name depends on the type of game: Carre in French roulette, or Corner in the European or American versions. Bets are placed on four numbers at a time.


    A type of betting, which is available when playing roulette, where on the playing field there is a special image of the roulette wheel, which resembles a circular track for racing – track (hence the English name Racetrack Bets). In a traditional casino, the player hands his chips to the dealer and only voiced where he wants to make his bet (hence the Russian name). The track contains several sectors that allow you to close a large number of numbers.


    It’s simple: the numbers that win the most rounds in a certain amount of time are called “hot”. Numbers that win infrequently are called “cold” numbers. Many gamblers believe that by betting on “hot” numbers, the odds of winning increase. In fact, this trend is more of a coincidence than a pattern.


    A special rule that is often found in French roulette (though it may exist in other versions as well). If a zero is struck, all the players’ bets made on equal odds (1 to 1) remain on the table until the next spin (placed in “prison”). If the bets then play, they are returned to the player, but without the winnings. If you lose, the bets go to the casino.


    A rule similar to En Prison. If a zero occurs, the casino takes half of your bets for even odds, while the other half stays on the gaming table. If on a second spin the remaining bet is played, the winnings on it are paid out in full.

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